Project Management Super Heroes

A private Facebook community created for those seeking a simpler, better way to realize less stress, greater ease, and better project outcomes.

This is not your parent's musty, lifeless professional group.

It's not confined to PMI-speak, Agile, PRINCE2 or any other methodology your organization may be holding up as the Holy Grail.


This is the next-gen approach to excellence in practicing the art and craft of project management.

  • Working together in bringing more authenticity, simplicity, and fun with less tedium into the art and craft of Project Management.
  • Helping each other lessen the pain and disheartening crap that happens in our day to day jobs.
  • Helping others discover new ways to rock their projects while leveling up into excellence.
  • Networking with others to find new project management opportunities.
  • Being ourselves no matter what, showing up confident and strong, executing our work with grace and ease.
  • Speaking up with the voice and talent we so often hide or neglect.
  • Not being shy about sharing the pain and joy of our particular work that uniquely infuses the project management world with change and learning.
My vision is to:
include all project management-oriented human beings at any level of project management, from any and all industries, sectors, cultures, and countries;
in ANY stage of your career and journey, and want to find others to network with, bounce ideas off of, and generally build one another up in the profession.

This is not only for Project Management Professionals (PMPs).

This is for ALL people who love project management and practice it in the many and varied forms that we see today. ANYONE who does project work.

In joining, you will be the first to help start the discussion and revolution on finding ways to Reboot Project Management together.

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