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I've created this Free Project Management Rebooted™ Toolbox for anyone interested in simple, understandable approaches to project management.

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My Free Project Management Rebooted™ Toolbox will get you started in getting unstuck and on the road to aligning and redesigning your path no matter where you're at.

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What's inside?

  1. WTF? Series Project Navigation Guide #1:
    WTF? I'm the Project Manager, Now What? What you need to know to avoid failure & project manage like a pro
  1. WTF? Series Project Navigation Guide #2:
    WTF? My Project is Sinking! 10 real things you can do to refloat your project off the reef of ruin
  1. Module 1 in the Project Management Rebooted Workshop Series #1:
    Project Management Navigation Aids for Success—Align to Thrive, Executing Projects Like a Super Hero PM:  Module 1: What Whirlpools, Mind Fucks, and Games have to do with it
  1. Super Hero PM Toolbox Templates:
  • Stakeholder Communication Plan: Plan out the details of what the heck you're doing at the beginning with this gem.  This helps get your brain wrapped around your crazy stakeholders and where you may have problems in your project.
  • Project Management Core Team Declaration: Start building the trust with your core team by sharing this foundational document when you start a project. Sets the team expectations at the start - helps prevent team members from wondering WTF? 2-3 months down the road when things are blowing up and getting real.
  • DAIR Log: This isn't your same tired RAID log. Your assumptions and dependencies are already documented in your project plan, so why duplicate them here?  Let’s make this simple, avoiding over-documentation and keeping things real and useful.  This template gives you an all-in-one place to capture, Decisions, Follow-Up Actions, Issues, and, Risks.
  • SBAR+A: SNAFU or SBAR?  In this case, you need an SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) if things are SNAFU.  This template breaks the problem down in 4 easy steps that will lead you to Action (hence the +A).  Gives your sponsors and other stakeholders the info they need to make a decision, and makes you look like a genius because you're making recommendations on how to fix it.
  • AND MUCH MORE - we add new, updated content periodically to keep you on top of your game! 


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