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  • Want to level up your Project Management skills and game to Super Hero status?
  • Got a project and need to get a handle on simple project management tools and concepts?
  • Want to figure out how to build up your confidence and manage your projects with grace and ease?

Ways We Can Work Together

  • Accidental and Aspiring Project Managers: We'll assess where you're at and what you need, then customize your personal plan to put you on the path to success. Simply. Uncomplicated.
  • The Art and Craft of Project Management Excellence: Serious about ratcheting up your PM excellence quotient? Want to learn the tips, tricks and behaviors that earn you serious PM street cred, get you the cherry, high vis projects, and potentially better opportunities to move up? I’ll customize a program with you based on your strengths and career goals to get you where you want to be.
  • Transition into a Formal Project Management Career: Translate your job and career experience into project management terms and language. We’ll custom-package your unique personality, your strengths, and your experience to launch into a formal project management career.
  • Project Management Resume Upgrade: Are you a "high performing, results-oriented project manager, leading successful cross-functional projects?" Do you cringe when you read that sentence? If so, let's work together to make your resume stand out by avoiding the cliché and telling your unique career story in a way that draws recruiters and hiring managers to want to know more.
  • Project Management Interview Prep: For those who have landed an interview for their dream project management role at their dream organization – I’ll get you primed up to knock your interview out of the park by helping you present yourself like the Super Hero PM you are.
  • Super Hero Project Management Team: Does your project management team need to be rebooted? I don’t mean putting your shoe print on their backsides. I work with small teams of PMs (whether or not "project manager" is in their title) to help inspire them learn how to deliver projects with less stress, greater ease, and better outcomes, giving your organization a higher ROI on their projects and project management delivery results.

                       Let's explore the art of the possible! 

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