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Project Management Rebooted 

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In a world crowded full of unreliable and hollow project management training options, sometimes it's hard to figure out where to turn for solid PM training that will bring the highest return on your investment of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears.


You should be able to have a stress-free way to experience those successful project outcomes you've visualized.

The good news is you don't need to study the 900+ page PMBOK and pass the PMP exam to be a superhero Project Manager.

After several years of watching companies, nonprofits, and well-intentioned people pursue the project management skillset, Kelly started noticing that it was not the PMP credential that set the excellent project managers apart.

She's found that those who acquire the skills to operate in authentic leadership mode, sticking with simple project management concepts and tools, are the ones who get the best project results, the best projects, and the solid street cred.

Project Management Rebooted clears up the confusing project management jargon, overused acronyms, and untested flavor-of-the-month methodologies to create a smooth flow to your project management process while elevating your project leadership skillset.


Whether your a Nonprofit, Small-Medium Company, or an Individual

There's a solution for you

Let's explore the possibilities of partnering together to realize your project management vision

Kelly would love to show you how you can take some of the pain out of project management practices an tools, replace it with some much needed joy, and help you level up into greater excellence and success in your project management world.


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This is Project Management Rebooted.

Aligning who you are with what you do.

Kelly's Experience

  • Long term career in project and program management in Maritime, Aerospace, Oil &  Gas, Nonprofit, Healthcare, Legal, Environment arenas (plenty of experience failing forward.)
  • Tried & Tested Project Management Mentor/Coach/Facilitator with demonstrated positive outcomes (lots of clients to verify that statement.)
  • Consulting & Contracting Business owner/entrepreneur (can identify with riding the depression rollercoaster and feeling alone.)
  • Trusted senior business consultant (learned confidence with humility is a key strength.)
  • Champion and volunteer for nonprofits and small businesses
  • PMP credential holder and member of PMI (maybe not as important as you think.)
  • Master of Science in Engineering Project Management degree/University of Alaska (ask her about this experience!)
  • Positive Psychology Coaching Certificate (learned how to do a Vulcan mindmeld.)
  • Insight Seminars Master Class graduate (life changed.)
  • Life Skills facilitator (another lifechanger working with at-risk youth.)
  • Former Alaskan and commercial fisherwoman (many character building opportunities.)
  • Survived 2 decades of amazing living on Kodiak Island, Alaska (think Lost meets Jurassic Park)
  • Maker of a tangy addictive sweet lemon curd (best eaten out of a jar.)
  • Capricorn with dark side tendencies (still learning to control the Goat.)

What Individuals Are Saying:

"Kelly's wisdom and coaching is applicable both in the professional world and the broader context of life's seasons. She has helped me turn doubts and insecurities into action-oriented solutions that hone my skills in confidence, professional development, and project management. I am grateful for how Kelly has taken the time to know me in order to help me define my unique strengths and how to use them to reach my goals."

-Devon Fleming, Project Manager

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