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Do you or your staff know what's needed to  successfully manage projects?

Are you an accidental project manager? An aspiring project manager?                     

Or do you even know if you're a project manager at all?

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Need direction for your new project?

If you're new to project management or it's not really your thing but your manager just made it your thing - fear not! I've got just the thing to get your started.

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What if you could easily learn how to lead and execute your projects by using simple, straightforward project management tools and concepts everyone can understand and apply while experiencing positive results, not only positively impacting your organization, but also your clients?



Online Live Workshops for Nonprofits & Small-Medium Companies:

Affordable, customized workshops on simple, straightforward project management tools and concepts for your team to streamline project delivery and bring consistency to how projects get delivered in your organization. ROI. Guaranteed.

1:1 Mentor/Coach Deep Dive:

Stuck executing your projects or advancing your PM career? Where do you want to be? Move forward and upward. Individuals. Teams. 

A la carte and bundled deals to up-level your project management craft:

Decide what you need and build your own path to help you expertly navigate projects and life confidently and realistically, setting you on a positive course

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"Kelly has helped me realize positive, accelerated project results with her project management excellence tools and approaches, enabling me to avoid making big mistakes, falling on my face and having to do rework. I'm more confident and have grown as a project manager because of her coaching!"

~Sarah R.
Project & Program Manager

"After working with Kelly, I definitely feel more positive about my career as a whole and how to navigate upward mobility within the PM profession. I literally could not have done the salary negotiations without her, giving me confidence to negotiate a higher salary."

Christine F.
Senior Project Manager

"Kelly guided me through a mid-career transition to Project Management in a very positive, thoughtful, and nurturing manner. She helped me recognize and align my strengths to be more authentic, preparing me to showcase myself and my projects in my best light. I couldn't be more grateful."

Barb C.
Project Manager

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