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Hi, I'm Kelly

I help people and organizations navigate project management with less stress, greater ease, and better outcomes.

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Reclaim Your Calm

It's hard to row a boat and move forward with one oar in the water. It feels like rowing, but usually one oar means going in circles.

It's the same with project management.

I love partnering with people and organizations to help find their unique way into project management synchroncity. There's a lot to discuss, let's start this journey of discovery and get both oars in the water.


What Organizations Are Saying:

“Our organization was looking for a consultant who could teach and train on essential functions and applications of project management accordingly to our field as a non-profit business. 

Kelly is professional, genuine, and dedicated to customizing the training needs of any organization.  She created content and tools that where meaningful, progressive and informative, using PM principles relevant to your business, she creates resources and tools that are meaningful and enhance your business outcomes.  I would highly recommend her to your business team.” 

-Monica Zumach, Technical & Training Director

Washington Initiative for Supported Employment


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