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Advance the project management fundamentals skillset for your teams and staff 


Your project managers can readily tell stakeholders exactly where they're at with the project.

Projects get delivered with the desired outcomes, adding value to the customers you serve.


Your project managers are confident leaders using the right tools to stay organized, keep projects on track, and lead with grace and ease.


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Academy Key Benefits


Live Online

"Small bite" online cohort sessions and extra instructor Office Hours to increase participation, avoid the typical workshop burnout, and ensure your team has the learning outcomes they can use right away.

Same Page Accountability 

Puts staff on the same page with clearly defined tools, what will be used and when, cutting down on the ambiguity while increasing  the thing everyone wants: accountability. 

Approach Neutral

Agile? Waterfall? Approach doesn't matter here. The tools and processes in the Project Management Rebooted Academy are the necessary relevant, mission-critical stuff project managers need to learn and know how to use no matter what kind of project management the org is doing.

Customizable Tools & Templates 

Over 30 experience-tested tools and templates you can customize to fit the way your organization and PMs work while creating the right amount of efficiency in project planning and execution. 

Based on Best Practices

Steer clear of the project management tool  trap and catch-all that can bog projects down by knowing which tools and processes will bring you the biggest ROI on project outcomes.

Immediate, Hands-On Application

The Project Management Rebooted Academy is more than a training program; it's an implementation program educating your project managers AND equipping them with relevant, in-the-moment application of what's being learned DURING the Academy.

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With a simple training proposal, I'll tell you how I can help your organization, how much it'll cost, and you can decide if you want to bring Project Management Rebooted training into your project management growth journey.

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The Academy Experience

Sara Smith,

CFO, ALPS Insurance

"Before partnering with Kelly, we struggled just understanding what constituted a project. We had no common language or process around project management, resulting in little transparency around project progress and schedules.  After our staff took the Project Management Rebooted Academy training, projects are well-defined with known and transparent metrics to measure success.  Our project meetings are more purposeful, efficient, and outcome driven which have positively impacted the way we deliver our services to our customers."

Dedra Miller,

Executive Director, Holly Ridge

"Kelly Schactler's Project Management Rebooted training made the very broad expertise of project management accessible and usable for myself and my team. Project Management theory was presented and backed by actionable skills that we could immediately apply. This went far beyond my expectations of learning to schedule tasks and have common language.

We are more productive and have improved accountability and our project outcomes are emerging successfully!"


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