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Most nonprofits are missing the knowledge and experience to implement effective project management tools to get the return-on-investment they need from their projects - mostly because formal project management has been made out to be a difficult undertaking.


At Project Management Rebooted, we'll guide you through our simple, no-nonsense Project Management Rebooted Training Academy to learn and master the project management tools you need to realize better project outcomes so you can have greater impact on the communities you serve.


Project Management doesn't have to be hard.

But we've been told it is.

  • Confusing jargon makes it seem complex and burdensome to put into place 

  • Belief that it’s expensive to train staff sufficiently (it's not)

  • Overwhelming terminology and methodology (who needs more anxiety?)

  • Misconception that we don’t have time for it (you do)

  • Not sure about the ROI - return on investment  (it can be huge)

  • Expecting your teams to do projects without the right skills and tools (not fair to your people)


What if it could be simple?

  • Your staff can readily tell your funders exactly where they're at with the project.

  • Projects being delivered with the desired outcomes, adding value to the communities and clients you serve.

  • Tools and templates designed just for your organization, bringing simplicity, consistency, and clarity to your project execution.

  • Confident project managers and leaders who are organized and lead with grace and ease.

A Deeply Impactful Investment in Your Mission & in the Communities You Serve

  • Train your team in essential Project Management tools & concepts.

  • Customized Virtual Project Management Training workshops to meet you wherever you’re at.

  • Start delivering projects in your organization with transparency, accountability, and excellence.

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And if you have other ideas in minds, let's connect and explore ideas and engage in the art of the possible!


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What Organizations Are Saying:

"Kelly’s approach to project management training takes something that can often be nebulous or hard to grasp, and makes it deeply engaging, fun and, above all, actionable. Kelly is exceptional at making abstract concepts come to life through case-based examples that are directly applicable to your organization’s goals and activities. I left Kelly’s training feeling empowered and confident in applying a project management lens to my work to drive efficiency."

-Eric Brody, Director, Program Advancement, Northwest Center

Get started with the Project Management Rebooted Toolbox. Free.

Simple, clear-cut PM templates and resources to help you navigate your project management journey.


What Nonprofit Staff Are Saying:

“I love working with Kelly. She has a way of coaching teams through project management best practices in a way that takes concepts and approaches that should be overwhelming and turn them into something relatable and relevant to the work that I was currently engaging with.…..Kelly has helped our team to execute our work in a more effective and efficient way. I couldn’t imagine going back to my old ways and always look for ways to keep learning from her.”

-Dan Ruttan, Project Lead, Washington Initiative for Supported Employment

Active member of Project Management Training Alliance & Washington Nonprofits