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With thousands of project management training options on the market today, most organizations don't know where to start when it comes to choosing the right project management training provider.
At Project Management Rebooted, we make your decision easy by engaging with you and your team as partners to bring customized project management training on the stuff that matters most
showing you how to keep your projects in alignment with strategic goals: a tangible difference on your bottom line as your teams deliver on those impactful projects.
We help you close your project management gap.

The list of things stopping companies from training their teams in project management is long.....

Are any of these stopping you?

  • Misconception that you don’t have time for it (you do)
  • Confusing jargon makes it seem complex and burdensome to put into place (others have made it seem harder than it needs to be) 
  • Belief that it’s expensive to train staff sufficiently (it's not)
  • Too many methodologies complicate where to start (who needs more anxiety?)
  • Not sure about the ROI - return on investment  (it can be huge)
  • Expecting your teams to do projects without the right skills and tools (not fair to your people)


What if it could be simple?

  • Your project managers can readily tell stakeholders exactly where they're at with the project.
  • Projects being delivered with the desired outcomes, adding value to the customers and clients you serve.
  • Tools and templates designed just for your organization, bringing simplicity, consistency, and clarity to your project execution.
  • Confident project managers and leaders who know how to use the right tools to stay organized, keep their projects on track, and lead with grace and ease.

One of the best training investments you can make 

  • Train your team in essential Project Management tools & concepts.
  • Customized Virtual Project Management Training workshops to meet you wherever you’re at.
  • Start delivering projects in your organization with transparency, accountability, and excellence.

Unlock the power of project management

Check out these popular Project Management Rebooted options. 

And if you have other ideas in minds, let's connect and explore ideas and engage in the art of the possible!


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Less Stress, Greater Ease, & Better Project Outcomes

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What Organizations Are Saying:

"Before partnering with Kelly, we struggled just understanding what constituted a project. We had no common language or process around project management, resulting in little transparency around project progress and schedules.  After our staff took the Project Management Rebooted Academy training, projects are well-defined with known and transparent metrics to measure success.  Our project meetings are more purposeful, efficient, and outcome driven which have positively impacted the way we deliver our services to our customers."

-Sara D. Smith, CFO, ALPS Insurance Company

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