Ikigai and Hokey Pokey: The meaning of life?

I love to explore other languages.

At times it seems to me that other languages can be more rich and beautiful than English because they have one spectacular word to sum up a thought or collection of words. It seems so elegant and amazing to me that one word can express a very deep, expansive thought.

One of these words I recently came across is from the Japanese language. Have you heard of "ikigai"?

According to Wikipedia: "生き甲斐, ikiɡai, is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being." It is similar to the French phrase Raison d'être. Everyone, according to Japanese culture, has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self."

Life's sweet spot. The convergence of passion, mission, vocation, profession.

When I look around, I see most human beings wanting to live in this zone, but noticing that few actually do.

Because it's hard work.

It's easier to stay in our comfort zone even if we are utterly miserable, plodding through each day out of...

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Project Management Rebooted™: This is Where We Start!

So what am I doing here?  Here in the crowded space of online coaches, advice givers, sellers of workshops, wares, and books?

I've asked myself this several times, and I keep coming back to the truth that everyone's voice matters.  Everyone has a story, advice, and support to share with others.

My voice matters.  Your voice matters.  We need one another to navigate this complex, ever-changing world we live in.  And the internet is today's marketplace of ideas and information exchange.  This is where we need to be to connect, learn, teach, educate, laugh, and motivate.

My entire career I have coached and mentored in some capacity.  Whether I was working for free helping entrepreneurs I barely knew in Kodiak, Alaska establish their burgeoning desktop publishing company (an old term for what we know now as digital media production ;), or consulting in major healthcare organizations, I could ALWAYS be found coaching and mentoring...

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