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Project Management Rebooted™: This is Where We Start!

project management best practice project management training project rescue Apr 14, 2018

So what am I doing here?  Here in the crowded space of online coaches, advice givers, sellers of workshops, wares, and books?

I've asked myself this several times, and I keep coming back to the truth that everyone's voice matters.  Everyone has a story, advice, and support to share with others.

My voice matters.  Your voice matters.  We need one another to navigate this complex, ever-changing world we live in.  And the internet is today's marketplace of ideas and information exchange.  This is where we need to be to connect, learn, teach, educate, laugh, and motivate.

My entire career I have coached and mentored in some capacity.  Whether I was working for free helping entrepreneurs I barely knew in Kodiak, Alaska establish their burgeoning desktop publishing company (an old term for what we know now as digital media production ;), or consulting in major healthcare organizations, I could ALWAYS be found coaching and mentoring others.  It's in my DNA.   Launching others into success mode is something I get charged up about.

So why the hell not?  Why not leverage the internet to build an online community of vibrant, diverse project managers and business professionals to bring learning, training, and strategy to help you level up like you've never done before?  A place where I can share all of my experience from the battlefield of business and life to elevate and promote what I think are the most amazing people on the planet into the "stratosphere of excellence?"  Why the hell not indeed!

So here I am.

My intention for this place, this community, is to be a source of positive information, advice and education on moving project management and business professionals into greater personal alignment and mastery.   It is also my intention to build a place where project management and business professionals can access relevant, simple, no-nonsense tools (think templates, roadmaps, etc) to use in their day-to-day jobs, and even in their personal lives.

It's the intersection of project management (business) and life.

While I have a lot of ideas, a lot of information to share with you all, I'll also be looking to you to tell me what you want.  What frustrates you in your work?  What frustrates you when you're leading projects?  Where are your pain points?  I have a good idea of what's bothering you, but it's way more fun to hear your stories and listen to what it is that needs a change-up.

To get this party started, I've written my first e-book in my WTF? SeriesWTF?  My Project is Sinking:  10 real things you can do to refloat your project off the reef of ruin.  Simply click here to sign up to for the Free Content Library to get a free download of this e-book and more.

Buckle up.  Put on your helmet.  We're going to launch into a no bullshit zone to get real and authentic.  Together.

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