The Next Chapter, The 108, and Rebooting Project Management

Hello Friends!

You may have been wondering where I've been the last several months (or maybe not!).

I finished up my 2.5 year consulting contract stint at the end of February, and chose to take 3 whole months off (could be more, we'll see) to focus on creating my business. Time will tell if I continue consulting for a while longer. But for now, I've been doing some serious traveling (Thailand, Laos, Kodiak, LA, and NYC is next!), a little dreaming, lots of walking, and serious laboring over the business I am creating around project management.

The Good Life Project

This labor of love is in the gestational phase, ready to give birth soon. Really, it's been years in the making. 53 years to be exact. All of the joy, pain, ups, downs, triumphs, tragedies, surprises, twisty turns, roller coaster moments have all been conspiring to bring me right to this spot! And boy, AM I READY. (take a hike fear.)

I joined a conscious business entrepreneur's collective back in January called The 108....

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