Project Management Rebooted™ | 5 Best Meeting Practices: Quit wasting your stakeholders’ time

Ever feel like you might want to bang your head against the wall if you have to sit in one more disorganized, messy, non-productive meeting?  

Been part of a meeting recently where everything but the agenda topics were discussed?  

Have you been asked to attend a meeting where you realized about 10 minutes in that you had no idea why you were there?  

Yeah. Me too.

And I won’t lie. It stirs up my Capricorn dark side when it happens.

All of these situations can be highly frustrating and annoying, especially when they are happening every single day in your workplace. It’s almost as if others have purposefully hijacked your valuable time for no good reason.

I’m thinking it’s time to do a little refresh on how and why we need to make sure our meetings are not wasting our stakeholders’ time and causing us to thrash around on our projects like freshly caught fish.

I’m going to bet you’ve heard of some or all of these...

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Project Management Rebooted™ | Does Project Team Dysfunction Have to Spell Disaster?

You're sitting in your second weekly project team meeting as part of your new assignment as project manager on a year-long, high-visibility project.

You've asked for input and opinion from the project team on several key issues - issues that are alive with a painful amount of high risk and big impacts requiring the expert insights from your team.

But no one is talking.

Except the crickets.

You're about to lose it in the meeting as you realize the team is not willing to say anything about much.


And then, to add some spice to your project, you have a couple of inherited project team members who avoid accountability at all costs.  They hide their lack of work, they miss key deliverable deadlines, taking up project manager time with repeated nudging to "get it done", not to mention the tracking of when the last time they were nudged; like a frazzled parent trying to get their 3-year-old to pick up their toys or eat their dinner for the last 3 months.

We've all been there.


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Project Management Rebooted™ | Project Management for the Self

For those of you with project management blood running through your veins, have you ever stopped to think about how you might go about project managing yourself? (Or maybe how you don’t!)

Planning your vacations, your family events like birthdays, family reunions, weddings, parties, etc, - hopefully trying to run them like actual projects, because that’s what they are.

Maybe you don’t really go all out and enter the tasks into Microsoft Project or come up with Powerpoint status reports to your family and friends every week (if you do, no judgment here!). But maybe you make a quick outline, a list, or if the event is big and there’s lots of moving pieces, you outline the milestones and tasks in Excel.

You might delegate activities to others who are helping you, motivating them to hit the timeline and deliver.  Trying to successfully manage your family and other relatives like some kind of unruly project team.

But what about other types of projects?


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The Next Chapter, The 108, and Rebooting Project Management

Hello Friends!

You may have been wondering where I've been the last several months (or maybe not!).

I finished up my 2.5 year consulting contract stint at the end of February, and chose to take 3 whole months off (could be more, we'll see) to focus on creating my business. Time will tell if I continue consulting for a while longer. But for now, I've been doing some serious traveling (Thailand, Laos, Kodiak, LA, and NYC is next!), a little dreaming, lots of walking, and serious laboring over the business I am creating around project management.

The Good Life Project

This labor of love is in the gestational phase, ready to give birth soon. Really, it's been years in the making. 53 years to be exact. All of the joy, pain, ups, downs, triumphs, tragedies, surprises, twisty turns, roller coaster moments have all been conspiring to bring me right to this spot! And boy, AM I READY. (take a hike fear.)

I joined a conscious business entrepreneur's collective back in January called The 108....

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