Project Management Rebooted™ | Plan. Then Let Go.

Have you ever planned something — an event or a project, and then got so attached to the outcome and the sequence of events (aka agenda), you held on too tightly and controlling, causing you to completely miss the opportunity to allow others to show up and contribute?  Your over-zealous planning smothering any chances for serendipitous, game-changing connections and outcomes to surface?

Yeah.  Me too.

That happens when you have a heavy presence of project management in your DNA.

You get so excited about your ideas, your methods, your approaches, and how you're going to make it all happened, you forget to build in that balance where you plan just the right amount, and include the spot or intention where you purposefully let go and let things happen.  When we forget to build this "letting go" piece in, we miss out on so damn much.

We miss out on creating space for others to share their contributions and presence.

We miss out on the wonderful way things can unfold...

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