Project Management Rebooted™ | Does Project Team Dysfunction Have to Spell Disaster?

You're sitting in your second weekly project team meeting as part of your new assignment as project manager on a year-long, high-visibility project.

You've asked for input and opinion from the project team on several key issues - issues that are alive with a painful amount of high risk and big impacts requiring the expert insights from your team.

But no one is talking.

Except the crickets.

You're about to lose it in the meeting as you realize the team is not willing to say anything about much.


And then, to add some spice to your project, you have a couple of inherited project team members who avoid accountability at all costs.  They hide their lack of work, they miss key deliverable deadlines, taking up project manager time with repeated nudging to "get it done", not to mention the tracking of when the last time they were nudged; like a frazzled parent trying to get their 3-year-old to pick up their toys or eat their dinner for the last 3 months.

We've all been there.


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Project Management Rebooted™ | Project Management for the Self

For those of you with project management blood running through your veins, have you ever stopped to think about how you might go about project managing yourself? (Or maybe how you don’t!)

Planning your vacations, your family events like birthdays, family reunions, weddings, parties, etc, - hopefully trying to run them like actual projects, because that’s what they are.

Maybe you don’t really go all out and enter the tasks into Microsoft Project or come up with Powerpoint status reports to your family and friends every week (if you do, no judgment here!). But maybe you make a quick outline, a list, or if the event is big and there’s lots of moving pieces, you outline the milestones and tasks in Excel.

You might delegate activities to others who are helping you, motivating them to hit the timeline and deliver.  Trying to successfully manage your family and other relatives like some kind of unruly project team.

But what about other types of projects?


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Project Management Rebooted™ | Plan. Then Let Go.

Have you ever planned something — an event or a project, and then got so attached to the outcome and the sequence of events (aka agenda), you held on too tightly and controlling, causing you to completely miss the opportunity to allow others to show up and contribute?  Your over-zealous planning smothering any chances for serendipitous, game-changing connections and outcomes to surface?

Yeah.  Me too.

That happens when you have a heavy presence of project management in your DNA.

You get so excited about your ideas, your methods, your approaches, and how you're going to make it all happened, you forget to build in that balance where you plan just the right amount, and include the spot or intention where you purposefully let go and let things happen.  When we forget to build this "letting go" piece in, we miss out on so damn much.

We miss out on creating space for others to share their contributions and presence.

We miss out on the wonderful way things can unfold...

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Project Management Rebooted™ | WTF? The Whispering Shadows in Project Management

Had any shadows whispering to you lately while you're trying to plan and execute on your projects?

Those voices that come out of the sidelines of your reality telling you what you should do, what you did wrong, what you need to do? Maybe telling you how you missed it in the last project meeting with your key stakeholders?

Those voices can be quite a noisy lot with their cacophony of seemingly authoritative, self-righteous words.

Last fall I had the first of 2 intensive software implementation go-lives at 3 hospitals, then another one for 28 hospitals 4 months later. The project pilot was quite the production over a 7 month period, working with a team of 30 to get the software built to specifications, sorting out all the twisted spaghetti healthcare stuff, and training around 200 staff. Then readying for the second go-live with 800 staff in 5 regions.

The "shadow voices" were like a gang of half-drunk sailors, roaming the streets at all hours of the day and night, filter-less...

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Uncertainty and Taking a Chance = Opportunity for Greatness or Failing. Both are acceptable!

My trip to NYC a few weeks ago to connect with my Conscious Business Entrepreneur group, The 108, was another mind/body/soul expansion. I'm always struck, sometimes slightly debilitated, with how much I have to learn yet about everything from digital marketing, to getting my heart and mind in alignment around this choice of striking out on my own.

That this IS an acceptable path. I'm learning to put myself "out there" to the world and see what sticks. Or in this analogy, what doesn't disintegrate from the forces of being in "outer space".

The energy and expertise embodied in The 108 is astounding. I literally have a band of entrepreneur brothers and sisters in various stages of their business maturity who give their time and smarts to help me figure out anything I need to do. Which works really well for me, because let's face it, I need help.

Everyone Needs a Mentor!

I need mentors from all walks who want to share their roadmaps of success and failure with me. While I did get my BA...

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