Project Management Rebooted™ | 5 Best Meeting Practices: Quit wasting your stakeholders’ time

Ever feel like you might want to bang your head against the wall if you have to sit in one more disorganized, messy, non-productive meeting?  

Been part of a meeting recently where everything but the agenda topics were discussed?  

Have you been asked to attend a meeting where you realized about 10 minutes in that you had no idea why you were there?  

Yeah. Me too.

And I won’t lie. It stirs up my Capricorn dark side when it happens.

All of these situations can be highly frustrating and annoying, especially when they are happening every single day in your workplace. It’s almost as if others have purposefully hijacked your valuable time for no good reason.

I’m thinking it’s time to do a little refresh on how and why we need to make sure our meetings are not wasting our stakeholders’ time and causing us to thrash around on our projects like freshly caught fish.

I’m going to bet you’ve heard of some or all of these...

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