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Uncertainty and Taking a Chance = Opportunity for Greatness or Failing. Both are acceptable!

project management leadership project management training Apr 14, 2018

My trip to NYC a few weeks ago to connect with my Conscious Business Entrepreneur group, The 108, was another mind/body/soul expansion. I'm always struck, sometimes slightly debilitated, with how much I have to learn yet about everything from digital marketing, to getting my heart and mind in alignment around this choice of striking out on my own.

That this IS an acceptable path. I'm learning to put myself "out there" to the world and see what sticks. Or in this analogy, what doesn't disintegrate from the forces of being in "outer space".

The energy and expertise embodied in The 108 is astounding. I literally have a band of entrepreneur brothers and sisters in various stages of their business maturity who give their time and smarts to help me figure out anything I need to do. Which works really well for me, because let's face it, I need help.

Everyone Needs a Mentor!

I need mentors from all walks who want to share their roadmaps of success and failure with me. While I did get my BA in Marketing Management back in the day (a day long ago), marketing is a very different animal now with the internet.

So I'm re-learning, adapting, creating, dreaming.


One big, giant project I just completed was going through Jonathan Field's Manifesto Code workshop - drilling down to the underpinnings of the "why" behind what I'm doing. This intense workshop took me through the work of figuring out who exactly am I trying to reach with this business of mine, what kind of pain they need solved, and how I'm going to solve it.

It took me about 6 long weeks to work through it, digging deep within myself and talking to others, to pull out answers didn't even know where there. And interviewing 8 awesome-sauce project analysts, coordinators and managers from retail, healthcare, IT and construction to validate my assumptions.

They talked to me openly about their pain points, their challenges, their ideas to make the project management practice more friendly. More inviting. Less boring.

A Community of Project Managers

Now I'm getting ready to call in a community of project managers - those of you who love the craft of project management, who aspire to move up in the project management career path - junior project managers, project managers who want to level up to a more senior position, pursue excellence, and even people who are interested in transitioning from other careers into project management.

Those who suspect there is more to the art of project management than 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas, but haven't been able to find meaning in the usual offering of buttoned up, dead LinkedIn groups.

Time for a Reboot

I'm rebooting project management through a fresh lens of creativity and authenticity, helping other project managers realize their potential and own excellence, both internally and externally.

In June, I have created a private Facebook project management community for those who want to join and connect to learn, uplift, network, grow, and laugh together. A place to talk about big misses, discover best practices, find leads to possible greener pastures, explore creative ways to practice the art of project management, and well, to just be yourself.

I've also set a date to launch my website: September 28th, 2017! And now I really have to because I just told you all that I am launching on that date. The power of Facebook and accountability!

Project Management Workshop

Other things in the works include my initial project management workshop that will not be focused on Project Management Institute (PMI) process and knowledge groups, as well as writing an ebook aimed at helping those who are just stepping into their first formal project and could use some simple, sensible navigation aids to help them out. I'm also excited to share an ebook written with a fun take on rescuing a sinking project with grace and dignity.

There are a few other things cooking on the back burner as well, including some powerful project management tools for entrepreneurs and non-profits that will be launched in Q4 of 2017.

I want to close out this week's post with a HUGE thank you to all of you who are following me here on my Facebook biz page. Your support, sharing and likes mean the world to me. I cannot do this without you.

Keep reading and commenting. Your ideas and thoughts matter.

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